Medical certified keyboards and mouse, developed in collaboration with UCHL. The keyboard has a flat surface for optimal disinfection of this high-touch area. Equipped with a cleaning alert to remind personnel to disinfect on a regular base.

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Range of high quality medical certified pc’s, all in one computers and displays. Especially developed for use in critical environments. Touch screen solutions optional available.



Wristband for patient identification. The wristbands are adaptable to the size of the patients wrist and suitable for long term use because of their water resistance. Laserband wristbands are printable with a standard laser printer, no extra investments in hardware needed.

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The Eonis 22” display is designed with dental specialist in mind. It combines consistant image quality with an attractive white design. The display features a front glass panel, making it exceptionally cleanable. BNC Distribution is the official Barco Eonis Distributor for the Netherlands.



Cable Integrated Mounting systems for a medical environment. Compatible and modulair parts which all have smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces with a powder coated anti-microbial.



Medical cart built for intuitive, one-hand operation. The revolutionary Auto Fit technology instantly adjusts to each health care professional’s entered height. The Power track steering allows for virtually effortless manoeuvring and complete user control.



The Roll-IT is a mobile workstation that gives staff access to patients’ electronic medical records.
As it forms a link between patients and their medical records, the workstation guarantees a continuous and mobile link with the clinical data: all the information can be consulted at the patient’s bedside and throughout the entire hospital.

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Tough-PAC medical iPad case

Tough-PAC is designed for medical use and can be safely disinfected using standard equipment used in the hospital. Tough-PAC provides fall protection against impact and moisture.

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